Thats right like I said- I never wanted to be in Ben Hur Live's amazing European ARENA tour working with all the best directors and musical directors. I never wanted to work for Liam Steele even though I really love his work and I never EVER wanted to have to go to Germany to HAVE to rehearse for a couple of months.

So I am delighted that I went and auditioned for Ben Hur live to be one of the 400 hundred performers and guess what I am thrilled I didn't even get past the first round.......ha!

Well as you can see folks I still haven't gotten to grips with the whole getting a job out of an audition thang! I knew as soon as I arrived it was out of my hands as the application form was all measurements and I am not the typical average size dancer.

Then the first thing the assistant to the choreographer (Richard Roe) said was we are looking for a certain look (aka taxi for Blanc please). Anyways it was good to do especially as most of the people there were from the commercial side and we never see each other at auditions. It was good to merge and meet new people.

Best half hour audition I ever did. Lets hope I last a bit longer next time