I didnt realise how long it has been since I have been on here. OOOpsy. Time is zooming by. So what have I been up to? hmmmmm! well last week I was doing pro class at The Place with Hillary Stainsby and this week Caroline Lofthouse is teaching. I love both their classes. I really get moving and shifting through space. They also explain ideas and concepts very well, helping to wake up parts of my body that sometimes I forget about.

I have also been doing contact improvisation with Rick Nodine once a week too. It is awesome. He is such an amazing teacher. This week was particularly good. We were 'playing' with the idea of slicing, rolling which developed into small lifts. Dancing together with eyes open and closed trying to find moments where we would both pause and breathe. I had a whale of a time one could say!

Its always interesting when you do contact with someone new and negotiating the balance between the two of you. For example, I was dancing with someone in Tuesday's class and it was very clear we were both used to being the 'lifters' so in a way quite 'controlling', and I loved the way we had to really work at finding the balance at which we ended up finding a really good energy together and having a fab jam at the end of class. So invigorating. I also LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE how my body feels the next morning after a good auld JAM!

Resolution fever is still very much in the air and so far I have seen 4 shows (one including the one I was in as we started in teh audience!). On Monday I saw my friend Jessie Bretts piece 'Catch My Head'. It was fantastic. It was a very sophisticated in the way she put it all together. Last night I missed my friend Marguerite Caruana Galizia's piece entitled 'QUaRteT', which I have seen before. It is a fabulous piece. Sooooooo good. I really think she is someone to look out for and I feel bad that I never mentioned it before (and also for Jessie's piece). Marguerite is in the middle of her masters in choreography here at The Place. (can we just note that how I said 'here' at The Place. Please note I am home watching celeb BB! barrassin!)

So in the light of not wanting to have any more regrets here is my recommendations for the rest of Resolution! 2009:

Thursday 22nd January - Off The Map (choreographed by Steven Johnston). Iv seen snippets of this piece through the studio doors and the dancing looks beautiful. It features the one and only Katie green too (Green Bean Dance)

Sat 24th January - Fish in a Bowl Dance Company. I am looking forward to see this piece as it is based on the author Stig Dagerman's suicide note. He (Anthony Kurt-Gabel) is using very technical dancers and I am looking forward to see how he connects the two. (Abstract technical movement in a very deep context)

Thursday 29th January- HItchhikeDance Collective. This piece is a duet by Lola Maury and Myrto Gkouzelou. They both together won the Deutschbank award this year at The Place. The award is given each year to help establish a graduate dance artist. I have a feeling its going to be a good one.

Friday 6th February - Daniela B Larson & Robert Guy. This one will be great. Both fab performers and gorgeously physical dancers. Match made in heaven actually. Cant wait to see it.

Saturday 7th Feb - RODA. Their piece was amazing last year. So emotive and physical. (ok, you get it- I like physicalness!!)

Monday 9th Feb - OUR ONE AND OOOOOOOONNNNLY....... Jack Webb and Svenja Hamel. Beautiful, beautiful duet. Both very strong and engaging performers. This promises to be a hit!

Wednesday 11th Feb - Moxie Brawl. This is my piece woop!

photo by Peter Hallam

and last but not least

Thursday 19th Feb - Riccardo Meneghrini. If you want to see a solo done by one of the most beautiful male dancers that exists then come and see this piece

Ok I think I have talked too much! Lol!

see ye all soon. (basically)

S x