Yes I agree with Hannah - SEE EVERYTHING! Lucky being down here I can go see so much.

In London the Resolution! buzz has begun. ALL my friends are busy running about either creating or dancing in pieces. Last year I saw quite a few nights within the couple of months and well yes some pieces are not so good but some pieces are amazing. I was quite lucky in some respects that I think I got to see quite a lot of good stuff as you do hear some horror stories.

I also enjoy the Touchwood season that The Place put on too. Like Resolution! you get to see a few different choreographers and styles in one show. Makes life more refreshing and well intense sometimes. I get surprised by myself sometimes as I am discovering that of course inevitably I enjoy some styles more than others BUT being surrounded my so much choice and immersing myself in it with an open mind I am now starting to appreciate other styles that I never would have thought I would have enjoyed.

It's great! (please note that I know what I just said is quite a generic statement but who would have thought that i would really enjoy Richard Alston dance company before I moved here!?.... I wouldn't have, but I do and i appreciate what and why they are about)

Anyways I am loving the buzz though. Its really exciting. Before I moved to London I really wanted to get involved in Resolution! but last year it just didn't happen because I didn't know many people but this year it SO is happening.

I recommend everyone to apply because even if you don't get in, the experience of having to apply is really useful as it makes you really think about your piece and your process. My motivations became so much clearer in my head whilst applying and I was half way through the creation of the piece I was putting forward which really helped with the process.Then once you get in they offer wicked workshops on things such as Marketing to Lighting and really guide you through the process. Fantabulous!

here are 2 dates for the diaries:

My piece "Didn't you know?" is on Wed 11th Feb! Yope!! linkage: Facebook link for my show!

There is a link on that page to get to The Place website to book tickets.

I am performing in Laura Jones' piece A:Version, next Saturday 10th January at 8pm. More info at- Facebook Group for Laura's Show

Ok plug over!

S x