I have recently acquired a membership to Gymbox in Covent Garden. The gym is tres trendy (which means I am instantly cool) but lets not get too excited because the staff are awful, so much so that whenever you ask for something its as if you have asked them to scratch out their eyeballs and do it blind........ I only want a towel.

Anyways I am still there because as you do, or as i have done, I got sucked into getting a personal trainer. I thought I would love the one on oneness but in fact I don't really, well I do, although it seems a very narcissistic kind of love hate relationship. However I am really enjoying the experience. It is another way of training my body and I am surprising myself each session. I wanted to get a trainer, or try it out, mainly because I need to find a new challenge. My goals are pretty normal:
1: Change my body mass percentages
2: Stronger upper body strength
3: Lose a few inches (please)

My trainer is called Michael Rook and his background is martial arts along with yoga and weight training. His sister was also a dancer so in a way I struck lucky because he kind of gets what I do. He has me doing what is essentially body building!! I was so sceptical at the beginning but 3 weeks in and I am so sold. I love my new burn. It also helps that Michael is constantly talking about diet. We all know that body change or weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise and normally a personal trainer would argue with you or skip over this point, because it means they aren't really needed. However he didnt disagree with me. In fact he totally agreed and even went as far to say that I probably wont lose much weight but instead will lose inches. So as long as I eat right I should be on to something.

I am now really interested in this whole new world of fitness and learning about all these amazing healthy women who..... weightlift, but are not huge. Me, being me, obviously got sucked into the female weight training craze that has hit female celebrities in the US. In particular Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Vanessa Hudgeons along with the girls in Sucker Punch. Their training regime seems crazy but check this video out- I want to do it.

Three weeks in and I have already noticed changes. I have had to cut out some of my other training as he aid I was doing too much so along with my new diet I think my year is off to a good start. I have loads of energy..... woo!

S x