Yes folks thats riiiight, thats what all teh people say......

BOOYA!!! wooooooooo! mutha F*%£er. Yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaa! woo. awesome. totally yeah yeah! lets do it! lalalalalall ah lala lalalum a lalalalalumlumle lum lum lum SING IT! Boom BOOOOM shake the room!

So yes how cool! They first of all told me no but then today rang me up and offered it to me saying the had changed their minds'. I am so excited. Its with Cilgwyn Theatre Company for their new production The Way Through the Woods and it will be six weeks work. Three weeks rehearsals and three weeks performing in a theatre in Islington. Woo BOOYA! I just need to wait now and see if I can still do my teaching work along side it. BUT I think I am definitely going to do it.

S x