Heading up later in the festival, I knew I would have missed out on most of the Dance Base stuff and most of the shows I wanted to see at Zoo Southside (another popular dance venue) had finished their run, so it was always going to be a bit of a bummer in terms of the amount of new dance I saw last year and being so impressed with the range of companies that had been featured. However I did manage to grab a few good 'uns:

My first calling was New Art Club - Big Bag of Boom ★★★✩✩ Hmmm I was a little bit disappointed to be honest but I think that is because I have seen every show of theirs in the past 2/3 years and quite a few times at that, so as it was supposed to be kind of best of show- the gags didn't really catch me like they did the first time round. However for a total newcomer to their work it would be a definite ★★★★★ rating. I highly recommend it to any one trying to break their friends into seeing more contemporary dance world as it yells "look how clever we are but yet we don't take ourselves too seriously!, yeah!" and janey mack how the dance world needs more of that!

Another show that I couldn't help stop comparing to older productions was Retina's La Lutte ★★★✩✩- A dynamic duet about competition, vigor and broken trust. The two boy's physicality was really put to the test, especially in the show I saw as the fire alarm went off half way through. However it wasn't something that tainted our experience as the performers brought us straight back into the world again once the drama had subsided. In comparison to other shows however, I don't feel it was the most entrancing piece I have seen of Filip's, but thats ok.

If there is one thing I have taken away with me from Edinburgh Fringe 2010 it would be to make sure I keep an eye our for Julien Cottereau- Imagine Toi ★★★★✩. In terms of being able to review him terms of mime technique, I can't- as I don't know diddle. However in terms of a show, him as a performer and a storyteller Julien has it all. The sensitivity to detail of the character was so beautifully clever and the audience interaction was so simple but yet absolutely genius. I really hope to catch him again.

I found this on youtube. I don't think it full shows how great the show was, but have a wee peak:

S x