So I'm back rehearsing for Laura and we were at the Jerwood Space. what a space!! I love how London has so many nice places to rehearse in. I really do like the place a lot. Nice airy studios lots of space to breathe and well... eh dance!

I'm now trying to wean myself into a dairy and wheat free diet. Dairy free because it makes me all mucusy (mmmm) and wheat well because it doesn't agree with me.

I am also trying to find a new flat to move into!!!!!! headache! I should make a piece about house hunting in London at night. So funny trying to take out my A-Z in the middle of hackney without anyone seeing me- 'I'm a local I promise, don't shoot me!'. Actually the flat I saw today was quite nice. The area was so fine. I live in Dalston now but I got mugged outside my house during the summer and well I need to move. "so why move to hackney then?" i hear someone say. Well Hackney has good areas too.

I wonder being a dancer will I ever own my own house? hmmm!! Most of my friends are now starting to marry off or have babies. Most have a mortgage. WOW! The ones that I know from dancing though aren't dancing anymore, and if they are they are teaching. It is a total lifestyle choice. A way of life. There have been times when I have had a moment where I have asked myself to choose a life or a career!! And of course i chose a career!! Naturally come on!! lol

I'm not saying doing this freelance dance malarky isn't a life. It most certainly is, but it has to be a choice and you HAVE to love it. Otherwise, wow, how miserable would you be. i feel sorry for all the dancers, who even when they are at college training, dont want to be doing it but feel they have to because of pressure from external expectations from friends and family.

This life is hard and its going to be lonely in so many ways. That's why in general its full of such warm people. (apart from one experience). You have to make your home wherever you work. From my past three jobs- firstly with Animated State (Ireland), I got close with them all and then 4 weeks later I am working in Dundee and then 4 weeks later I am working in London with another set of people.

There is no guarantee I will see these people again and that these friendships I am building will sustain for much longer after the project. Its sad in a way. I am forever a optimist though and will try but gosh this is my 5th month out of college! and already I look at all the people I have met! wow! I am rich!

well yes that's my random thought of the moment and I would like to apologise for my over use of the 'word': WOW! just feels right tonight!!!

bed time

S x