it does not mean i know nothing about performing within a theatre context!

It doesn't mean I have never performed thinking about an intention. It doesn't mean I dont know how to feel like a different character. It doesn't mean I can't portray a character through my own body. I can. We can.

Dance is a very sensory art form. Of course not all pieces require all senses all of the time but we always feel it. We can emote even when we dont speak. (gassssp!!) I know its crazy to think it but its true. We are performers too ya know!! Acting is not the higher of the artforms. It actually is probably a mere base for us. ;-)

And one more thing.... you are not that weird and cooky. The contemporary dance world has much much more cookier, originaly, theatrical and downright weird people.

I know all theatre practitioners don't think that what I have written above is true but some actors I have come across recently really seem to think so!! I was so shocked.

Anyways thats it all off my chest. I love working with actors and I hope to do loads more in the future but this recent blatant judgement has knocked me for six.

S x