Last time I was on here, it was very much pre-Resolution! I was stressing over reviews. Now a month and a half later I wonder why I was fussing so much, but maybe because my reviews were OK!

Reflecting on the piece I made, I still very much see it as a first draft. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with it, but after having a bit of time away from the piece I can clearly see where I am wanting to go with it next and it feels exciting. All the feedback I got was great as none of it felt alien or non relevant. People, whether they liked it or not, seemed to get it which is the most important thing. All I have to do now is select the feedback I want to keep and use. Shimples.

One thing I feel I missed during this rehearsal period, because of lack of time due to my dancer lossage, was getting people in to watch. When a piece gets to a certain stage I always feel the need to get outside opinions but I never got there till it was on stage.

Here is my Resolution! review and here is a pretty cool review from Lise Smith on

So straight after that I was back into the studio for another Resolution! piece called 'I am an Island' by Zosia Dowmunt. The rehearsal period was lots of fun and short, which in my opinion is the best kind of free project. We were learning the piece off a DVD which is always an experience. I was interested in doing this piece because it was scripted and I always get excited when I can do a bit of acting. I had a great time and the cast were all lovely, but when the movement is not what you would create then you need to think extra hard if its how you want to move and be seen moving. The real job is making it feel your own and being genuine within it. I feel I got there by the end but it was interesting observing myself trying to find it.

During this time I was also in a small short film, a music video aswell as creating a new piece on Cando2 (youth dance company for Candoco) for the Sadlers Well's london youth Jam Free Tour. Life is never dull.

I am now back to the grind. I have two auditions coming up and looking into finding a way to develop the piece. I feel really positive about everything at the moment even though I have no definite projects coming up I feel it is OK.......

S x