Just back from rehearsals and feel sooooooo good. Body is aching. Cardiovasculary I need to up my game. Piece is on in about 4 weeks. Woop!! Cant wait. The competition (with myself) is on!

Anyways here is some pictures from my tech last night. I am feeling a little better about last night. Have had some good feedback and some interesting thoughts form random people. Some very good constructive ideas. So my head is getting found again. PLus second review is up and it is by Sanjoy Roy! How cool?

He said some interesting things but the last line is a bit of a knife cut. hahhaha. Naa actually its cool. Here it is:

Didn't You Know? is an intriguing piece by the intriguingly named Moxie Brawl. The stage is strewn with newspapers, and the soundtrack is a collage of newscasts, beeps and snippets of song. The five-strong cast are finding their way through this informational flotsam, fingers writing on their own bodies, their own voices sometimes adding to the informational debris. Sometimes they swing and swoop, sending up flurries of paper; other times they shuffle laboriously along the floor. For a moment, they succeed in clearing a path, finding a direction through the debris - which is just a little more than I managed.

See ya later!

S x