This week I am experiencing the world of Underground7 and I dont want to leave!! ha! I am so happy. I love moving and working the way she (Victoria Fox) works.

The company are Research and Developing a new piece this week and I thought I would be making tea and pressing play on the stereo but NOOOOOOOOOOOO Iv been dancing my wee (well size 6....ok 7) socks off! I feel so grateful and lucky to have had this opportunity and really trying to make the most of it.

Its a weird one, being in this position, as it was similar when I was on placement/apprenticeship with Scottish Dance Theatre. You feel part of it and want to be part of it and it seems like you are part of it - but you are not really, but kind of are. Very articulate aren't I?

Anyways its been a really physical and challenging week with them and I really dont want it to end. I love the pain. My body should feel like this every day. i am using so much of my everything all the time. I want to dance like this forever! Thinking and dancing and emoting and throwing yourself across the room. Gotta love it.

Ok back to the studio