Who wudda thunk it?

The Place Prize has come out shining with the success of nominating 4 ace pieces for the final. If I was a judge I would have chosen the exact four. For those who don't know the chosen four are: Frauke Requardt and Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Lost Dog, Eva Recacha and Antonio de la Fe Guedes and Riccardo Buscarini. I haven't seen the last piece but their entry video looked really interesting. In fact it was my favorite video.

All pieces have a theatrical element to them. They play with voice either through noise or by speaking. Eva's was particularly clever and the voice along with the movement was so well crafted. The sound score by Alberto Ruiz Soler was so intelligently done. He also created the music for Antonio and Riccardo's piece too. Double winner.

Lost Dog's piece is great and I enjoyed under no pressure of having Ben Duke sitting beside me- ha! It is original, intelligent and very very funny.

Frauke and Freddie's as I mentioned in a previous blog is just everything you need from a piece of dance. I love it.

If I had such power, I would give a wild card place in the final to Connor Doyle. His piece hit quite a lot of mixed reactions and I do agree with all sides but I personally loved the dark fantasia I was invited into. Yes it was huge and yes having that much in a 20 minute piece is a tough call but I was left wanting for more.

I really cant wait to watch the final final. Yes that's right folks I have bought my final final ticket already and yes I was the first person to purchase one. Yes its true. Dance geek anonymous here I come.

If I was to put my money on who is going to win I think I would be shooting myself in the foot as each piece deserves to win (and I know each of the choreographers). My only question would be what is the place prize for: new up and coming artists or those that are already established but need an extra boost. Maybe it just for making a good piece of work, which I think is a good enough reason too.

Roll on April and good luck to everyone.

S x