Just back from Laban where I saw Tom Dale Dance Company performing their new piece Roam.

The most captivating, intense, inspiring hour that I have had in such a long time. I don't know where else I have seen any company who can pull of a solid hour of pure dance without any tricks or sets or props. The piece was full on physical movement.

As an added bonus because it is the premiere, tonight and tomorrow night the piece is accompanied with live music which just adds to the amazingness of the night, even though I feel without it, it will still stand as powerful as it is.

The fluidity of the dancers. How they move through the space with such ease is just to die for. Liquid energy. If only you could buy it in a bottle. I really feel so inspired and excited right now. I have always loved his work but tonight was just beyond what ever I could have imagined.

If only..................

S x

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