Felt by so many on a day to day basis and it hurts like a bitch! However we take it on the chin and like a good sport every time. Sometimes numbing the pain by making excuses for ourselves with thoughts like:

"I suppose I'm not a boy, if i was I would definitely have got it'
'I'm not the right shape they definitely were looking for the thin type'
'oh i don't have enough ballet in me'
'just not my day'
'I'm too short'
'I'm not experienced enough, they want more mature dancers'
'Iv only just graduated, what can I expect?'

Sound familiar? Even though these are 'excuses', they sometime ring true. Most of the time 'they' are looking for something so specific. You just never know but it can still sting.

For me the ones that hurt the most are when you feel, and you know deep down. that the job should have gone to you but they just didn't give you enough of a chance to prove yourself!! haha Cringe I know but there are times that we all feel like this.

A teacher once told me that I should go into an exam thinking that I already had an A and that my job in the exam was to keep it. So I have always tried to go into auditions thinking yes i already have this job- Until I realised that would mean I have lost way more jobs than I have ever had......yeah..... so not feeling so clever now am I?

I haven't done an awful lot of auditions but that's because the jobs I apply for actually read your CV and actually select who they are going to bring so I only seldom ever get invited. Although it does frustrate me, it also makes me respect the company or choreographer more. Especially when they write a personal letter back. This kind of rejection is a bummer as you don't even get a chance to try but hey my time will come. (We shall reassess in six months time I have a feeling I don't think I will be feeling so objectively positive.)

So why am I writing this today? well I haven't been rejected by any dance job. I have been rejected by a man (oooooo). Now This blog is not for this and I am no Carry Bradshaw (although one wouldn't mind, she is fit) but I just find it interesting that although in dance when I have recently been rejected for an interview for a small 'teaching' job let alone a big performance job I can be a little upset but hey when a man who you are just getting to know rejects you without really knowing you it burns but yet in our work lives we take it so well. Think about it, we are getting rejected for jobs that we have been dreaming about and working towards for years but yet something that really is small (in the great scheme of things) like a 'relationship' makes us feel like a failure.

Most of us deal with rejection in this industry but when it gets personal is it so hard to accept your little excuses that 'numb the pain' every other time. He is just not into you just like a choreographer is just not into you. Its all the same thing..... really.

I feel a post feminist blood dance piece coming on.......

Harf harf

Lots of smiles and tampons

Speak soon. In the meantime check this page out on facebook

S x