It is days like today that make me realise what an amazing job I have and that I work with, and around amazing people. This job definitely wins the 'what is the best job' competition?.

Fresh is an annual dance platform for young people held at The Place, where professional companies and youth dance companies get to perform on the same stage for one night. Such an amazing opportunity for all the young people involved. This year, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Protein were part of the programme, all performing excerpts from their current work. The youth companies involved were Shift, Cando2, Brighton and Hove Youth Dance and Being Frank.

My favourite piece of the night has to be by Shift who premiered their new piece by Darren Ellis. Such a sophisticated fun piece. The dancers are exceptional and I was blown away by the whole piece from the material to the costumes to the lighting to the music. The perfect youth dance piece EVAH!

Brighton and Hove were great with a piece by the Globe's favourite choreographer James Wilton and Being Frank were also jaw droppingly energetic. To think what those young men can do now and if they were to keep on doing what they are doing...... sheesh I think the dance world's future is in great hands!

The whole show was a great mix of talent, and inspiration is now oozing out of my pores. This is why I love working with young people. This is why dance is amazing. And this just shows again how shit hot The Place is. They really do come up with the goods. I really truly feel honoured to be a work whore in that building. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT.

Aaaaaaand to top it off they had the one and only Tom Roden compering the show.........

I am sorry but shoot me, because my excitement has got me stuck to the roof right now. I am unable to come down, alas I must as I have a 9am rehearsal tomorrow.

S x