is a contemporary dancer. Fact. A modern day bare footed Isadora Duncan.

I am just back from Somerset House after seeing her live. She does a good triplet and chene turn and is a hell of a great improviser. It is also evident that she may have taken ISTD jazz too as her step ball change is to die for. I wonder if she realises her talent? Maybe I should tell her and choreograph her next video?


Outside the venue there were people with cameras and you 'had to' (or else you would die) answer a few questions. One of the questions was: 'What one question would you like to ask Florence? I stupidly answered 'Wanna go for a beer'!!!!' As if I ever drink beer? And as if I was asking Florence out on a date????.......... I wish I had asked 'Can I choreograph your next video?', because I know after seeing me on the wee film she soooooooo would have jumped to the chance!

I had such an amazing time. It wasn't like a normal music gig it was more like a show! And not like a Britney show because her concerts are 'shows', but it was big enough to be spectacular and remain about the music without being to over the top. I think when booking a ticket for a theatre show or a dance piece we generally know what we are buying for: 1. because we choose the show and 2. we know you will sit down in the audience and watch. When buying a ticket to a concert you expect it to be a bit boisterous and loud and less formal, however this concert was different and the atmosphere of the audience was so similar to that at a theatre. Still very energetic but very calm but not too formal. People just stood/sat and watched her. Singing along to their hearts content......... ok maybe that was me.

I dont think I am making much of a point. I think all I want to say is that she gave us an amazing show. Definitely not just a concert. Flo is no average performer.

Hofesh is at Sadler's Wells this week and people keep talking about how amazing his show is. Nobody yet has called it 'a piece', this time its all about the show. I haven't been able to go and wont be able to get to it this weekend as I am rehearsing and The Place's Young Dancer's show is this weekend so I am very busy. It was just interesting that just today I was talking about work and the difference in seeing a piece rather than a show. Then tonight I went to see a 'concert' and although there was no fancy sets, costume changes of flying squirrels shooting through hoops above her head, I still felt it was very much 'a show'.

I suppose it is all about the production and how you fit all the elements together and how the performers can drag you in, regardless of type of show you are going to see.

S x