I have been trying to gather my thoughts about last weeks historic events and trying to make sense of how I feel about it all but I am not there yet. Too much to take in really.

Of course Micheal Jackson's passing is so sad especially thinking about his kids and Farrah Fawcett passing away is very sad as I was a big fan (have you seen my hair lately??). And I really cant believe it about Pina Bausch. It was one of my dreams to meet her and see her work live (which I hope there will still be a chance) but it is hard to believe no more new work from this powerful inspirational woman. She made such an amazing difference in pioneering new ways of working in dance. Bridging the gap between theatre and dance. Giving artists a voice. It is definitely the end of an era (or the beginning of a new).

However...... the most depressing thing about last week for me is that I turned another year older. I am now officially over 25, (BOKE!) but I have decided that I am going to be 25 for another year. None of this 26 business. When people asked me how old I was I couldn't say 26 so I said '25' very quietly and the lying kind of pinched my gut a little because I hate liars and lying (with a passion) but now the lying is getting easier, I feel a little more at ease with my sin. Sooooo I am sticking with it. I am just not ready to be 26 haha!!

S x