If you are going to wear/ask a dancer to wear a skirt on stage and your/their bum is going to be shown firstly think ok do I need to wear a skirt and if the answer is still yes then please follow these simple rules

Rule 1: Be Real. Just wear a big pair of pants that are normal and not illuminous white. If you want to be discreet then make them part of the costume by getting a pair similar to the colour of the outfit. So what if we see your knickers, just because you are a dancer does not mean that you need to become a configuration of Ken and Barbie. No people- we have vaginas and penises.

Rule 2: Skin-coloured knickers- If you are wearing them to hide the fact that you are wearing underwear then they are a no go. It needs to be an artistic decision like you are going for an androgynous look or you are doing a piece about Barbie and Ken or the whole outfit is nude colour. Or they may be used for practical reasons like showing out the top of a waistband or if the skirt is see through but wont lift up the whole way. Just be artistically practical about it.

Rule 3: Please think before you decide to team black leggings under costumes. If you were out on the street would those leggings look good with the outfit? If not- then dont go there. Simples.

Rule 4: Big white knickers...... again NO. (unless the whole costume is white- obvs)

Rule 5: Boy shorts from primark- unless you have the tightest little ass going then no. So unflattering to see your bits hanging out. This rule also extends to lacy french knicker.

Rule 6: BIG pet hate cut off tights that are then rolled up so that you 'cant see them' under your dress..... We are not in class people, we are on stage. I would accept leggings over this option. Please note If this IS your only option then lets go for denier 60 plus. Anything below is offensive and we just see your behind anyway.

Rule 8: Another grey area would be the black hotpant or cycling short. In general I would believe that if you just want coverage then just dont go there.... wear trousers or knickers. However I feel they are the least offensive. If you need to wear a hotpant then maybe think about the colour?

Rule 9: Thongs- I get them when used practically (to avoid VPL and used to show flesh underneath sheer garments) but make sure we cant see them coming out the top of your costume especially when you have ribbons and lace, and strings blowing about. Not pretty.

Thanks for listening.

Rant OVAH. You are welcome. ;-P

S x