First week of working with Aletta is over and what a week it has been! Half way through day 1 after the set had been delivered, set up, we had met the ROH2 team and took part in the creative mornings session that I fully realised where I was, who I would be spending the next 8 weeks with, how bloody amazing it is going to be and how hard a job it will be to find my place within it all.

So here is the picture that I needed to fit into: Very established choreograher, stage manager with a deputy satge manager about when needed too, 5 amazing respected dancers, an amazingly designed set, beautifully composed (but full on) music and a well known lighting designer, oh and did I mention it is being produced by ROH2? I know I was asked to do this so that confidence love bug I talked about in an earlier blog needs to be injected but when there is already a functioning system going on around me I knew instantly that my role, although was there and was needed, was was mine to create. I took this as an exciting prospect although a little unexpected. Then again, I haven't done this before on this scale so why would I have known what to expect.....

The first week in any process is always hard but I think I have found my rhythm now. I think I know where I will be helpful and the areas I need to sit back and observe more. I can tell that I am going to grow so much in this process. Watching how Aletta 'works' the studio is like magic. She has such a big heart and creates an amazing bubble for the team to live and work in. Lucky us.

S x