So over the past two months I have made a new piece entitled Stopped Clock. Groovy title eh?? It has been the biggest challenge ever for me EVER, for a few reasons:

1. It is all movement- no meaning, no drama, no speaking, no set. JUST DANCE
2. I am in it! I have never been in my own piece before.
3. There isn't a three but I did say a few reasons, so thought I should add one in! ha

So why create a piece that has no meaning Sarah?

Well Sarah, the thought to do this all began whilst I was working with the Space Cadets in Dundee. I had a limited amount of time to re-hatch the parts of the piece I had made at Christmas. Two weeks, i felt was not enough time to introduce new ideas, concepts and movement. I felt under pressure to produce teh goods as it was goingt o be going on tour with established choreographer's work (Victoria Fox and Tommy Small). It was very interesting to have to go through this process and having to trust decisions I had made back in december. This was particularly hard for me because I was dealing with purple AGAIN and the newspaper material AGAIN. Although please note I didnt use newspapers and I can whole heartedly say my purple era is OVER.

Anyways Sarah , sorry for getting off track- i do tend to ramble on. The point is I began getting itchy feet and started to experiment and make up new sequences and trying to think about pushing my style and my habits. I also began thinking about what is habit versus style. So when I came back to London I got a group of the regulars together and I decided I wanted to make a trio that was just movement based. In all my pieces till now I have always dressed the stage and have included voice in some way or another but I decided that I wanted to experiment and challenge my norm. See what happens.

The piece that I ended up making on the Cadets was very movement based too. It used voice but not to the same degree as I have done in the past. I think this experience gave me the confidence to bite the bullet.

And dancing in it? How has that been?

Well i want to be a performer but yet create work for others to perform so I thought why not just get in their?? In addition I always seem to want to be in my work or make work that i would want to be in.

It has been quite hard as I like to mould my work. I like to be able to see it and feel it. However it has been a good thing to do. To see how it is inside of my piece. I think if I was doing a more theatrical piece it may be harder but as I am only dealing with shapes in space, lines, sequences and relationships its ok. Plus I have a fab group of people around me that I trust. I think this is very important.

I see you are working with Tom Van Hoffelen again?

Yes, and with another musician/composer Neil Nisbet. They have created a very up tempo, beaty piece of noise! ha. Only joking i am very very happy with what they have come up with. Like me, this is a very different approach to music than Tom is used to doing. The music taht he normally creates for me is more atmospheric. Like me, it has been a big challenge for him.

This is the third piece that Tom and I have collaborated on and its quite exciting seeing how we are forming a similar voice and language. I am very excited to how we can develop this working relationship further with the next piece.....

The next piece, already?

Yes Sarah I am already there. I think this piece has a place in the Moxie Brawl rep and I am very happy with it and what it ahs given me. I think it will be pushed further and its also a piece that i feel is quite accessible to many different venues and platforms so i do plan to develop it.

However my baby based on teh life and work of Emily Dickinson is very much in research and I hope to begin work on it in early Autumn. It is going to be big.

Well thankyou very much, Sarah Blanc from Moxie Brawl. Good luck for Sunday. Do you wnat to just remind the listeners of when and where..

Yes sure. We are on Sunday 19th July at 7.30pm at Jacksons Lane Theatre, Highgate London, as part of Cloud Dance Festival: Open Your Eyes. I hope you can all come on down. Would be great to get your feedback.

Just so you all know I will be also performing that night with Organized Chaos (choreography by Lizzi Giles)


Wow, interviewing myself. haha! I really am tired

night night

sarah xxxx