British Dance Edition 2012 is on next weekend and I am so excited because as from Thursday I am now working on it. YAASSSSSS!! So excited! When I heard it was going to be in London I had set myself a goal to be involved but then realised that there was no way as I didn't have enough experience/expertise to apply for any of the jobs going so I am just ecstatic to be brought in as an assistant to the festival aka the amazing Kate Scanlan and Francesca Moseley.

It is going to be amazing but really hectic. There are 300 delegates and about 50+ companies involved. I have had to hang up all my other alias' shoes for the week and replace them with BDE shoes. I don't mind much.

It is weird when you get gigs like this because they are already in full swing and you are brought in right at the end to help carry them through. I am trying to swot as much as I can but when the weekend comes I will probably have to blag my way through and look like I know what is going on- hopefully I will by then- fingers crossed.....

I am looking forward to meeting everyone involved and seeing some of the shows although to be honest I am not sure if I will get to see any of them as I am not sure what I will be doing or need to be doing. I really want to see Candoco on the main stage at Sadler's and I am dying to see Hofesh's new show...... you know what- All my faves are playing- Charles Linehan, Lost Dog, NIgel Charnock...... I want to see them all.... I will let you know how I get on.

S x