So I figured out that what I was talking about in my last visit to the art of the ninteeen, was STRESS! Yes I was/am stressed. Or maybe its excitement that has made me believe that I am stressed. I wake up not thinking I am stressed but my subconscious mind (lets call him Billy) is making me seem stressed!!

Now Billy isn't someone I invite over for green tea and organic dates nooooo he is the kind of 'guest' that turns up out of the blue with full fat tea and chocolate croissants!! Not good for the brain or belly. So after tonight one is hoping that Billy will go home and that Samantha (why not? nice name) will come back!

So yes tonight is the night!! Resolution! 2009 come forth and let Moxie Brawl do it! Innit! (as they say here in London town).

Well anyways back to my fireproofing.

See ya at the show.


S x