ok so what i need to remember for tomorrow is...

shoulder, round, huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, huh, woowowowooww ripple, down side, round, up down and through. Look nod, look and lauras, round twist, drop, over ribs, cut, back around, c, c, head down and up, reverse, runnnnn and invert. right left together. go. shoulder dadadadaddadadddaaaa, huh woowowoowowo, with hands through round, back arm shoulders up and arms through. lauras repeat.

then different speeds, keep sharp, not woolly, remember moment with emily, through. Diagonal line. keep in it. then trapezium. around fling through and billow billow billow. room section and go table and table, circle and round and catch rooooounnd through, toast toast toast toast, arm round catch drop and jump light bulb, arm round 123 billow billow, through up banana and flex round and follow soph through catch Emily and turn. dive through hangers.

Duet, around drop, knee, catch and up, round back 1, 2, 3...4 and 5 arm round lift back catch down twist out slap and hold wait.............. around straight away in again straight away ...... and so on and so on.

Love my job!

Today was hellish but still good. I was rehearsing in Farnham with Laura (1 hour south of London) and then I was assisting a CandoCo class in Stanmore (1 hour north of London). Left my home at 7.20am got in at 10.30pm. I'm tired! And I need to do a wash with my favourite dance clothes (need to look my best tomorrow for le audition) but I need to wait for my flat-mate's wash to finish. Downfall of a house share! (don't know why I told you this)

OH and guess what? I've been reviewed on Article19!! check out Hard Rain on the video link here on Article19. [ Hard Rain on Article19 ] Only shows a little bit of the show, and actually not much of my stuff, but let me know what you think.

The review I feel is fair considering we had 3 weeks, 35 students, 2 choreographers to create, design, light, tech choreograph and put on a show. Not an easy task, but yes you are right the students did so well and yes some bits worked and some bits didn't!! I would like to think that over all it did though, however I very much realise and appreciate that with that little amount of time we did find it hard to find a real cohesion between sections due to our two obviously very different choreographic styles but we had fun and challenged the students which at the end of the day is what it is and was all about. Pete made that very clear from day 1. Anyways thanks Neil for filming and reviewing.

I'm off! I'Il speak to you post show and audition. Everyone is going! Drama!

OK night night

S x

PS, Just noticed my label change!! When did this happen? I was just getting used to my old one?! ;)