Movingartsbase residency Jan-March 2010 from Anna Ramsay on Vimeo.

I have been involved in this project with Anna Ramsay for some years now. First of all back in 2006/7 for her MA in Dundee and now down here in London during a research residency she completed at Moving Arts Base.

In layman's terms: Anna is researching how you can capture improvisation on camera. This excerpt is a part of the new project and was shown at the Improvisation festival at MAB two weeks ago. I don't feel my dancing is the best but I feel the more we jam together the better we will get, naturally. I love working in film. Last year I did a film with an artist called Dan Brackenbury and I recently got a copy of it which I shall ask if I can post. I think it is really beautiful.

Like Anna, he worked with improvisation which I love. This project with Anna is particularly interesting as you are acting as the choreographer as well as the dancer at all times. And I suppose you need to be aware of what is being filmed so you are also the camera person too, in a way you choose what gets filmed to a certain degree. The cameras are dancers too and you need to dance with them. It can get quite technical and complicated which I like. However whilst saying all this it is also very free. I really enjoy it.

Enjoy x