In December I found myself with a bit more spare time than I had anticipated so I decided to give it all to the amazing production that is You Me Bum Bum Train.

I first came across the train in 2010 when I saw an ad on a casting website looking for performers. I wasn't able to get involved then so when the call came out this time I was all over it. On paper it sounds amazing but in real 3D life it is is incomprehensibly insanely amazing. Everyday I can not believe my eyes that this is real. I am so glad I had time to be able to really immerse myself in the experience. I have learnt a whole load of new creative skills and met tons of amazing people.

I wish I could have been a passenger but I am so happy to have been part of the cast and production team. To be part of this show is something I can be proud of *grabs tissue*.

There is a bit of controversy surrounding the show in terms of the fact that no one (apart from the carpenters) gets paid but I feel that everyone who gets involved does so out of their own free will, so it is a choice. There are no contracts, no-one forcing anyone to come in at a certain time and to be honest if I decided to stop going tomorrow they would respect that. I totally understand why people get quite angry about it as in previous blogs I have been outraged at ever being asked to do things for free. For some reason though this is different. Maybe because it is not in the dance world, so it feels a bit new? Maybe it is because not even the Artistic Directors or Producer is being paid so we are all even stevens? ( BTW The producer Jo Gross is the shizzle. I do not know how she has done it on the budget she had. So AMAZING). Or maybe it is because a lot of the people who are involved are pretty shiz hot at what they do and are quite respected in their own fields but yet are SO dedicated to the train? They make me want to work hard and the whole experience worthwhile.

I am not stupid though, there are certain roles/tasks that I won't do and I justify the reason being that I am giving up my own time so I want to get the most out of that and build on skills that I am lacking. So I have set rules in my head about what I will and won't do for free. I suppose this is probably not fully in keeping with the YMBBT ethos but I don' (Aaah I sound hideous).

The process has been a good lesson for my ego and my only quibble about the experience would have been lack of communication at times, and actually whilst saying that I think my quibbling says more about me than the team at YMBBT. I have learnt to have more patience. Being involved in such a huge production, and maybe it was the 'being one of many', was hard to get used to. I am not sure exactly what it was but at the beginning of the run I had a few moments and had to tell myself off for having impure negative thoughts (why I oughtttaaa)! haha.

The show is running to the 19th of January 2012. So if you fancy getting involved do get in touch by emailing [email protected] and I look forward to seeing you down there. You will not be disappointed.

S x