.... rhymes! ha.

I have been meaning to blurb about the shows I have seen in the past month. I have seen some amazing stuff FINALLY. I love seeing work that gives me the 'POW', you know? The need we have of wanting that feeling of "wanting to be in work like 'that'!" It also makes me feel a bit blue too though as I also think 'how will I ever get to work with people like that' or even if I had to make the opportunity for myself -How would I begin to create a piece like that? I always say my favourite works are when I dont have a clue how they made their piece. Do you know what I mean? For example sometimes you can look at a piece and you know the tasks that were given.....?

Wed 13th May at Robin Howard (spring loaded) I saw Lost Dog with their new show called The Rain Parade. It was fantastic. It was the first piece I had seen in a long time where I was hooked. It was pure dance theatre, in that it told a story (theatre) through dance (....mmm dance! ;-) ). Both Raquel and Ben are great. Gutted if you missed it. I really enjoyed it. One of the most special things about this piece was the music and how it helped to set and then drive the story. They worked with Jamie Mc Carthy, who is an amazing musical artist (probably not the right term BUT feels right at this moment in time). The sound score was haunting at times and soothing at others. I kept forgetting that he was there in the room with us and that it wasn't a recording. Oh so beautiful. Check him out on myspace.com/dogheadme or myspace.com/jamiesounds. I would love to work more in this way of using music and also more theatrically! Hrmmmmf! One day Blanc!

Thurs 14th May Sadler's Wells - Rambert- WOWOW the Itzik Gallili piece A Linha Curve was phenomenal, spectacular. out of this world. Gob smacked. (Woh OK Blanc- chill the beans!) I also really enjoyed the piece by Chrstopher Bruce Hush. The dancing was obviously to die for. They really are amazing. What made this show extra special for me was that an ex-SDT dancer was performing called Gemma Nixon. She was just amazing. No other words to describe her really. I enjoyed the whole night. I had seen Rambert twice prior to this but this programme was definitely the best so far. However it inspired me in a different way than Lost Dog did and I prefer the latter.

Sat 16th Robin Howard (spring loaded) Jose Vidal and Company. This was another great night. I enjoyed this show very much because I had seen both pieces before but undeveloped. The first piece was a development of his Place Prize 2008 commission The Kiss (I think that was the title of that one). and the second piece I had seen at a Touchwood in September 2007. It was interesting to see how he developed certain sections and what he chose to change and how he changed them. The lighting (by Gareth Green) was particularly impressive as the detail and timings were so precise. It just makes me wonder who thought of it?How can you begin to realise it? And actually how did they know it was going to work? How can you practice and now its going to look that good! It must have been so hard to do. I really enjoyed the whole evening.

Friday 5th June Robin Howard Cie Phillippe Saire with his piece I really have to go now. I was blown away. It was completely bonkers. It had amazing set made up of lights . I think I counted 33 strips of 26 lights. (Dont ask me why I counted I just did!!) Mike Winter was in this piece. The last show I saw him in was Stupid Men by Nigel Charnock and he had his head up my skirt! No joke. Not the most pleasurable experience but it happened (Stupid Men for those who dont know is an improvisation. Off the wall, completely crazy show.) anyways Phillippe Saire's piece was great.

Then.... (dum dum dum) on Saturday just gone i witnessed something magical in the form of Icelandic ERNA OMARSDOTTIR with her piece Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness. It was fantastic. The five female performers were absolutely exceptional. It was based on intense female relationships. It was great because although it was very symbolic and abstract at times, you were able to identify with the situations that she was suggesting. Sometimes I even found myself cringing because I saw myself in some of the characters. The intense atmosphere that the piece created at times was quite uncomfortable. She used masses (and I mean masses) of hair in the piece maybe amplifying the vanity we woman find ourselves exuding at times. In addition the animalistic preening we do to each other, the dodgy dancing and the almost satanic mood swings that we as women are sometimes prone to or expected to be prone to were other images that I enjoyed seeing how she divulged and again amplified.

All I can say is that I want to be Icelandic! Bah!