.... And I am still doing what I do.

Yes I graduated a year ago and I am still alive, just about surviving this world of dance. I am proud of what I have achieved. My main objective for this year was to build my CV and gain experience mainly in performing but to also gain skills in other areas.

This year as a dancer I was involved in either or both the creation and performance of 6 pieces (2 of which were MA pieces, the rest I was paid/expenses). I also was involved in R and D for choreographers. And did I mention i was on Big Brother- GENIUS!

As a choreographer I had 2 paid commissions and for Moxie Brawl I created 2 pieces, both of which had at least 2 performance opportunities. For the Moxie Collective I collaborated with a musician and a film maker to make and perform an improvised solo.

As a teacher I have worked with The Place, gDA as well as freelancing around London in different schools. With CandoCo I have been training up all year and have begun teaching for them as well as being the youth dance co-ordinator (a title- ooh lala!!)

I am currently on my way up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival to perform for two weeks and on my return I begin working witn Cilgwyn Theatre Company. I think I can safely say I am doing ok. Onwards and Upwards i say!

Here is a few pictures of Coud Dance Festival (Photos by Mikah Smillie) and my BIg Brother fame!! ;-):





BUT the big question is..... does all of this count against my friend who has got a job in Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake? he/she may have done nothing else this year apart from working hard at the gym and doing auditions. And this person really deserved this job. One of my closest friends.

But does this one job make my whole year of hard graft look like a piece of poo!!?? hmm!

I would like to think no but the survey of the hierarchy of the dance world says YES! But another question arises- "Dear Sarah did YOU go and try for any of these jobs?" to which I would reply "...no!", to which I would then reply to myself "Well you have the experience now- So go do it!"

To which I reply- "Yes, yes I will"

....and to which I say to you all- "Welcome to the new year of Sarah Blanc. the year where I bite the bullet more" ..... (that doesnt mean kill myself! No, its a metaphor for saying I am going to go for gold - which funnily enough, is a metaphor in itself!)


S x