Helloooooo! wow its WEDNESDAY already! why does time fly? cause Im having fun? well maybe!

So let me fill you in about Saturday. firstly The audition: what an experience. In my audition alone there was 66 people. 6 of which was called to the next day (me not being one of them) and there were 4 auditions that full on that day.

I think its funny this audition malarky. 66 of us in there, all different in how we look, dance, think, speak. backgrounds. I mean how can you possibly see everyone. Truly see everyone. Retina had it cut out for them. However whilst saying that I do feel that we were all given the fairest chance we could have been given within these circumstances. It was a weird one though as in my audition i was dancing with dancers who have been in the business for years from big companies mixed with students mixed with recent graduates. It was a HUGE eye opener. I did feel good doing his movement and it was very well organised in my opinion.

It was great also seeing people I dont get to see that much. I think I knew about 70% of the people in my audition thats like 43ish people! fact!

Then I rushed to my tech rehearsal for Laura Jones' Resolution! piece. It went very well. I loved it. It is one of those pieces that could have fallen flat on its face, but it didnt! In fact it flew! The piece was about a rehearsal that built up into a performance of 'the piece', so there is a lot of audience interaction and a lot of cliche jokes in a way. But I/we didnt expect it to get the reaction it did! So excited to see what will happen next with it. Check the review out here: http://www.theplace.org.uk/15901/resolution-review-2009/sat-10-jan.html

It just clarified to me why I do this. I love performing. LOVE IT! Being in stage with the girls I was performing with was so much fun. We really gelled over this process. they are all really great people and dancers (Jacqui Johnson, Emily Aiko Katsuno and Sophie Brown with a special appearnace by Laura Jones herself). Fun Times!

anyways Im off to bed now. Im helping my friend with her tech tomorrow for her Resolution! piece entitled 'I See You!'. Check out here : http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=38043886047

Speak soon.

S x