I read Article19's feature 'hero vs zero', and totally agree about the photographers. But lets not forget camera men (I guess I should say camera peoples..but whatever, you know what i mean..someone with a video camera).

Last night, before the festival opening, I went to an improvised performance by a girl who is third year student at the school I used to study at here. I didn't really know what I was going to, but I like Lara's style, and wanted to support so I went along with a few friends.

It turned out to be a kind of installation/art night in a chic hairdressers. It was all very 'cool'.

The performance consisted of Lara dancing (in a completely unnecessary costume the organisers forced her to wear) and a brilliant old man who played a instrument made of a big sheet of metal and metal rods, which he played with a bow. He had a great face, and didn't quite seem to know what was going on. (Although he did know exactly where his beer was at the end).

The perfomance didn't work - for many reasons, but nothing specific. But one big thing that ruined it for me was the f...... camera man. He moved in between the same two spots for the whole performance, about a foot from the performers and often directly infront of my line of vision. I actually had an urge to kick his legs so he, and his hi tech camera strapped to his front, would fall down and I could once again see clearly.

He seemed totally unaware of the fact people were trying to watch. And the thing is he won't even have any interesting footage. He filmed exactly what we saw.

One of my friends, is a professional film maker/editor, and he watched with a obvious disgust. 'He's like a news camera man' he commented.

It was a perfect description. Maybe he was, and thats why he forgot there was a live audience.