NSCD has a good selection of dance and art dvd's, but with all the hectic schedule its easy to forget to take advantage of it. Recently I said to myself Hannah, you need to watch some more stuff! So I had a quick look at 'Sutra', by Sidi Larbi (choreography) and Antony Gormley (set design), with Monks from the Shaolin Temple.

Unfortunately I didn't get to finish watching the whole thing, but what I did see blew me away. The Shaolin Monks were absolutely amazing. I have never in my life seen physicality like that. They had so much power and strength, whilst maintaining a pose, grace and control that was unbelievable. It blew me away. And I thought wow, this makes what we do at school look like child's play, amateur. The Shaolin Monks will definitely be and inspiration for me for a long time. Sidi Larbi was pretty impressive too.