Today I watched my nana have the wax sucked form her ears. My mother was working so couldn't take her to the hearing aid clinic.

Yesterday I sat in a room with six under five year olds and made balloon figures. (Well, I watched the parents trying to make them as the kids did various other things. Attempted to eat the ballons, hit each other with blown up balloons, hit me with blown up balloons..etc etc).

We have one week off school right now. And I always find the holidays can be a little bit of shock to the sytstem. I've just spent nine weeks straight in the NSCD bubble. (Note - its not just a NSCD thing, my friend at Laban is having trouble 'winding down' after months of assessment and essay writing).

During term time I have a pretty regular routine, that revolves around, well me, and my litlle dance journey. Its a world that, put simply, invloves sleeping eating living and dancing. With a bit more dancing for good measure.

And lets be honest, its not what one would describe as the 'real' world. (Its very real for the students, so maybe a better way of putting it would be its another world).

Then all of a sudden it holidays, the routine gone and I'm observing reality thinking 'wow. I forgot about this', struggling to fit in a bit of yoga between the ballon modelling and hearing aid clinic, in attempt to maintain some kind of connection to my body, so I can at least stand up straight when I'm back in class.

But I love those moments of feeling as though I am on the outside looking in. It reminds me of what I do. Where I came from and where I'm going to.

It helps me enjoy being bubble wrapped.