Last month the London based dance festival Dance Umbrella collaborated with Dance UK, the UK's dance lobby group, to bring together a panel to discuss the lack of high profile female choreographers in this country. As a female students about to graduate this is something we should consider. How do we feel about this? Is it something we can, or indeed want to, change? And how do we go about it?

click here to listen to the discussion

Please listen and think about it. For me it raised some interesting topics but I'm not sure what it all means yet, or what the answers are. I just came away with a burning desire to make work. With women. Perhaps the topics discussed will be come more apparent, and therefore possible answers clearer, when I move from student to professional.

After listening to the debate I sent the link to a few friends via a facebook message. Later in the day I noticed that one, Makeda Thomas, a dancer/choreographer, based in New York and Trinidad, had put the link on her wall, where it received comments including 'Thank you Makeda, that was very informative'.

It made me think about what puts us in a different position than any other generation before us. We have the technology to connect globally in seconds, which means ideas and issues brought up for debate can reach a huge audience.

But its our responsibility to share. As dancers, choreographers, artists and females we must be active in giving and receiving. The technology is there, but it takes human fingers to share the link.