When I am here in Berlin I train/work with a company called Grupo Oito, under the artistic direction of Ricardo de Paula (when in England I do what I can to be present in the group).

For the past week we have been working on the next project; the Radio Project. Experimenting with radios, movement and papercup/string telephones, to explore the idea of information and communication.

Ricardo also teaches a class with quite a unique style, which I have really missed. And is definately different from what we do at NSCD.

At times its tough, Ricardo is an experienced and perceptive artist with high expectations and complex ideas. And he doesn't mince his words. His movement really challenges me, physically and mentally.

But everyday I feel lucky to have this contrast to school, that gives me so much to take back to school. I would recommend trying to find an outside-of-school-opportunity to every dance student.