On wednesday was Verve's (NSCD's postgraduate company) last performance of their full show which has been touring internationally. They performed in the Riley Theatre, which is NSCD magical theatre. It was fully sold out.

I haven't seen them perform yet. I was surprised. I didn't expect them to be bad. I just didn't expect them to be THAT good. They were beautiful and very personal dancers - full of individuality.

It was both inspiring and terrifying. Something along the lines of 'wow. thats where i want to be.....I only have 2 more years to get to that level. Yikes!'

And time really flies at that place. Today was the last day of term. That means my I'm no longer a first year. I'm a 'going into my second yearer'.

But to be honest I'm pretty excited. This year has been great. We've had some amazing teachers and I've felt changes in my body..so I can't wait to grow some more next year.

But what I am really excited about is this holiday that lies ahead. I'm going to Berlin for a month. Which means contact jams, classes and working with Grupooito, a company based there under the direction of Ricardo. It means I get to dance.

Quite an odd thing to say you might think considering I'm doing a degree at a dance school.

And its quite true. I dance everyday. I do technique class, creative classes and make work for assessment. But my personal view is that for a dance student the most important thing in the holidays is to dance. In a non school environment.

It allows all the work you've been doing in technique classes go deeper into your body - there is a degree of pressure that naturally comes with school, and sometimes this can block us a little. To dance without this pressure gives space to let things come to the surface.

It also gives a reference for what improvement you've made e.g a class you always did back home feels easier when you go back to it.

So, happy summer dancing everyone. Enjoy.