This week I have been attending FREE professional class in Manchester as part as the run up to the Urban Moves International Dance Festival, (27th-29th). Both the festival and the classes have been organised by Dance Initiative Greater Manchester (DIGM), in collaboration with DC Channnels, and international choreographic exchange between dancers and choreographers of Zaragoza, Manchester and Genova.

The classes have been a great success for the Manchester dance scene, I have felt a really positive sense of community, and realised that actually there are a lot of dancers in the Greater Manchester area! It has also been good to see a wide range of people - from current Northern students to experienced professionals attending class.

The success of the classes has proved that Manchester needs a designated dance space/house. There is the demand/desire/need, and it would really help the growth and development of what is going on happening here.

So if you are in Manchester GET YOURSELF A LONG to class and also check out the festival.

To attend the free class you must register as spaces are limited but you can do this by emailing DIGM at [email protected]

Have at look at DIGM's Facebook page and website for more info.