I was recently involved in collecting submissions for the fourth edition of The Swedish Dance History, a dance publication based in Sweden, but that gathers material globally. For more info see http://theswedishdancehistory.wordpress.com

With permission from TSDH and authors I will be publishing a few texts that I received, the first being Science Fiction, written by sports therapist Christian Platts, based in Manchester. http://www.citytherapy.org/

Science Fiction: Who says?

Science: (noun) the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Fiction: (noun) a belief or statement which is false.
English Oxford Dictionary

The use of the heading 'Science Fiction' allows the credibility of science to tell us that certain phenomena are false. We consume 'Sci-Fi' as an escape - easily absorbed fantasy that is both 'far-fetched' and 'out there' ... the unknown in a faraway galaxy, with aliens, mutants and superheroes who deliver their own source of magic.

I believe that the very existence of the term 'Science Fiction' stunts our growth (and evolution as a species) because we are shaped to believe the content of this genre is anything but fact. However, do we actually disconnect from our potential because we believe it is impossible to shape shift or shoot bolts of lightning from our hands? Maybe we are actually disregarding possibility, and just enjoying 'half humanness', to avoid undue stress of putting 'impossibly' high expectations upon ourselves.

Medical science understands that DNA is the hardware that manufactures protein. That is 10% of what DNA actually is and what it does. So what is the other 90%... what is this software? Science understands one third of the brain's function. So what is the other two thirds used for... what is its potential?

I put this to you - that Science, for all its' amazing discoveries and wondrous breakthroughs, doesn't have all the answers. In fact, in a million years we still won't have all the answers. Therefore, its somewhat (albeit semi deserved) elevated status as an authority, has no real place telling us what is actually real fiction.

The biggest collective unproven phenomena are those of human possibility and we are surrounded by examples, both past and present.

Take the case of Dr Masaru Emoto (1943 - present). His belief that water stores consciousness is based upon the detailed, microscopic, study of water molecule behaviour. The research shows that water molecules, when exposed to various music and images, will readily change shape. Consider then, assuming that the human body is around 70% water, how we must be affected physiologically as a direct result of the molecular structure of water and its behaviour in response to external stimulus.

Dr Ken Dychtwald (1950 - present), author of 'Bodymind', will tell you your life story - and reveal many fears, challenges and experiences from your childhood - just from looking at your body composition. He believes that emotional struggles will imprint on your physical shape.

Psychic surgeons all over the world use their hands to enter the human body, removing abscesses, tumours and growths, without leaving a trace of any entry or exit wound.

Louise Hay (1926 to present) cured herself of cancer through the power of affirmation, positive thinking and reikki. She has written books, and does public talks throughout the world.

Dr John Upledger, (1932 to 26/10/2012) a US based physician retrained as a surgeon then retrained as an osteopath then went on to retrain as a cranial-sacral therapist. He settled on this last form of body work as he found it gave him the most output to heal and correct. He also used 'Dolphin Energy' to heal people with chronic and disabling conditions. The beauty of his story is that he used his medical background to discuss how DNA can be altered using this method in his book 'Cell Talk: Transmitting mind into DNA'.

Didier Boyer (1962 to present) Numerologist. Can tell you your life story just from knowing your date of birth and full name. In one instance, knew the year that a friend of mine tragically lost her mother. He didn't even ask her if her mother had passed away. For the record, there was no pre planning, he literally met her took her name and numbers, and started his calculations paper and pen in hand.

I personally had a strand of hair analysed. The feedback was my full medical history, including a past hernia, valgus little toe and reduced synovial fluid in my left knee.

Have you stopped reading yet? It's fiction... right? This is the mind-set that we all battle with - disbelieving anything that modern science suggests is impossible. But what I want you to ask yourself is, does science actually condemn too much as witchcraft, as hocus-pocus... as fiction?

Had any of the above people lived in the 18th century, they would no doubt have been burned at the stake. However, had somebody in the 1700's professed to be able to create a mobile phone or a computer, they too would surely have met a similar grizzly fate. Technology seems to have no bounds in this day and age - nothing seems impossible - yet the human body is something else. Where did we lose our faith in the potential of the human body, and transfer that excitement and belief onto technology?

Somewhere along the way, science has become the sole reference point to decipher fact from fiction... but surely our beliefs can transcend these parameters? Pioneers from all industries have to prove science wrong in order to make a break through. Many technological breakthroughs have been inspired by the human body.

Joseph Michel Montgolfier's (1740 - 1810) inspiration for the hydraulic pump? The human spine.

Alexander Graham Bell's (1847 - 1922) inspiration for the telephone? His physiological understanding of his mother's and wife's deafness, combined with his grandfather and brother's work in elocution.

Two examples that have helped to shape modern technology. I repeat, their source of inspiration. The Human Body.

Remember this, the science world cannot explain the physics behind the building of the Pyramids, the phenomena of crop circles, or how Stone Henge came about. It readily rules out the theory of a 'God' creating the earth and human kind - choosing to believe in the Big Bang theory and evolution. However, when pushed for an answer as to what is the 27g of substance that we lose in the moment we die, or how collective prayer has a power that can bring about change, or how a 100 a day smoker can live to being a 100 years old... they suggest it being an act of 'God'! All very confusing.

All I am saying is don't get locked into a reliance of the science world to formulate all your answers. You very well could have the answers to the ways of the world within you already - certainly, you are likely to know more than many esteemed scientists just by keeping your mind open to possibilities.

The human body has to be the most fascinating of any study in the world. I believe in many ways we are individually a microcosm of the universe. The way that energy spirals around our DNA structure is identical to the way that energy moves around the human body (Google Kundalini Energy) and, indeed, the way that energy spirals around the earth. We are atoms, vibrating at different frequencies to form molecules, cells and tissue.

A cricket bat is made of atoms vibrating at different frequencies to form molecules and fibres of wood. Everything is just atoms vibrating - what differentiates us from a cricket bat is the composition, structure and consciousness of our atomic makeup. And, where does this consciousness come from? Most will happily attribute all our consciousness to our inherited genes, our upbringing and our societal exposure - the Nature versus Nurture theory. But, what about looking further afield? To a place whereby apparently, as science fiction would have us believe, only vampires and werewolves are ruled.

The Moon.

Gravity, as we know it, is created by the moon. Our ocean tides are created by the moon, many types of coral will grow an extra millimetre each time it is exposed to moonlight and day is a day because of the rise and fall of the moon. The earth's axis of 23 degrees ensures that the entire earth gets exposure to the moon. If the earth rotated on any less of an angle, the planet could potentially experience half a year of brutal sunlight (creating a desert effect, melting the polar ice caps and flooding the majority of the world) and half a year of extreme freezing temperatures.

Very little on this planet could survive these types of extremes - and, even millions of years down the line, very little on this planet could evolve. This raises another question, is it just fateful that this precise 23 degrees is as such, or is there some larger consciousness in charge of this?! Every year the moon moves just under 4 centimetres further away from our Earth. Although, at this rate, the movement will take a billion years before impacting on us, suggestion is that the extreme temperatures will eventually occur as the moon's gravitational pull weakens and the earth wobbles away from its 23 degree axis.

So, fortunately for us today, we get to enjoy living because of the moon. Science can prove that the moon has such a phenomenal bearing on our planet, but what about upon us... the human race. Are we bigger than the earth, more powerful that we are invincible to its energetic impact? In short, no! For starters, when we jump, we land back on our feet due to gravity - and gravity is a direct cause of the moon's energetic pull on the earth.

Women's menstrual cycles are 28 days... coincidence that this coincides with the same 28 days of a lunar month? Many employees of the police, prison service, psychiatric wards, A&E and alike, dread working on a full moon - it is apparently one of the busiest and most disruptive days of the month. Coincidence? Just vampires and werewolves, right?

So, if we are to believe in the cosmos affecting us physically and emotionally, then perhaps it may be credible to believe the day we were born might have an influence as to our personality. Indeed, I've yet to meet someone whom, after reading Linda Goodman's description of their star sign (Google it), isn't astounded at her accuracy.

26,000 years ago the Mayans prophesied that 2012 would be the start of a new energetic era for us. The day we are said to move from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius is the 21st December 2012. The theory is that the planet is entering a wormhole and energetically it will spark a new energy field for the earth and for us as human beings.

Unfortunately, en route, the increase in the amount of earthquakes and hurricanes is a negative side effect to this transition. Science suggests that we are responsible for this, suggests that it is all a direct result to pollution and the misuse of the planet. Again, are we really that powerful that we can actually effect the entire universe?!

Unlike the popular depiction of 2012 being the end of the world (thank you Hollywood yet again) I believe it is simply the start of a new era - one where perhaps love, compassion and forgiveness might be the order of the day. How we would thrive in this ideal. Remember, happiness and sadness is not a state of mind; they are chemical responses to external stimulus. I for one look forward to the day when our external stimulus from this shift is balancing our chemicals and bringing on this change. Exciting times we live in!

So, why tell you all this? Why are dancers so special?

Well, not wanting to blow smoke up you're a**** here, but what the dance world can do, does defy science! 'Unnatural' flexibility, hyper ranges of movements, vast energy reserves, speed, grace, agility, composure, balance, emotional and physical connectivity, will power and physical power... you are some of the best examples of 'Science fiction' super-humans on the planet! Us, 'sub humans' watch you move in awe... probably in a way in which you may watch X-men films and marvel at their super powers. Your body knows very few limits and, as such, only your mind being stuck with limitations can keep you from constantly evolving.

A dancer's career is way too short. Why is that? After all, our body is completely regenerated every 7 to 12 years so nothing is older than this. Unfortunately, the brain reproduces compensation patterns, scar tissue, organs damaged by toxins and fibrous tissue due to dehydration - otherwise we would stay looking and moving like a teenager forever.

However, if you keep on top of your physical, emotional and spiritual development you should be able to keep going strong for way longer than you historically do. So, let's dispel your limitations of your dancing career and the fiction that you have a short shelf life.

Your body damages itself through movement. As such your body should pick up the signals of this damage and repair and grow. If not, why not? What blockages are preventing this repair?

The mind?
Compensation patterns in your fascia and muscular system?
The pelvis?
The spine and central nervous system?

How many of these elements do you give time and money to developing and maintaining? Or do you just say 'Hazard of the job' or blame your genetic predispositions? Don't lose your edge because you are told it is your destiny to. You have the help out there for the hazards of the job to be sorted, and as John Upledger suggests, your genetics can be changed. Keep finding the best help you can.

Keep being the super-humans that you are. Evolution takes determination to survive. Mediocrity and fear is the home of our ego. Our ego thrives on keeping us safe and small. And thrive it will, if you don't open your mind to possibilities. There is the help out there to transcend boundaries and evolve. And to evolve you have to look at habitual patterns that need breaking, both on a body and a mind level. Fortunately, there is one simple answer.

The Psoas muscle.

This is the most influencial muscle in your body for your posture. Its positioning in the trunk creates a triangular supporting system for your body. As such it can become aggressively over dominant in every movement you create. On an evolutionary level, it is believed (not by the medical science world I hasten to add) that the psoas muscle is also the home of your fight or flight response.

Ever felt that pit of the stomach feeling in response to stress? That's the psoas muscle communicating with many of your bodily systems to switch them off momentarily to give you extra energy while you come up with a solution to your stress.

If you have never had this muscle worked manually, your pelvis could be rigidly positioned in an anterior tilt. This imbalance will throw your body's central line of gravity completely off course. Compensation patterns develop and weakness ensues. For your body and mind, this muscle is at the heart of every movement and mind set you have.

It is suggested that your feelings towards your own birth live in the memory of the muscle. It also offers a physiological suggestion as to why stress can cause many illnesses and chronic complaints. To live a life, as so many do, without even knowing where this muscle is, let alone having it worked; is a sure fire way of keeping mediocrity.

I sincerely believe that science will one day have the answers to that which it currently labels as fiction. The scientific community is ground-breaking and intelligent. It is the home of genius minds proving the incomprehensible on a daily basis. But while the potentials of the human body have yet to be proven by medical science, we the population wait with baited breath, numb to our own potential because we believe in the limitations science imposes on us. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Science is proved correct, because it has nothing to experiment with.

Therefore I believe it is up to everyone to do the extraordinary - go beyond and work to exceed our own and everyone else's expectations - and let the scientific community continue to deliver the world with 'Science Fact'

Christian Platts
Active Health Group
Clinical Sports Therapist. Myofascial Release lecturer Emotional Intelligence Coach and Equine Therapist.
Manchester 2012