Amazing. I know I said to be careful about that word and its usage, but I would put money on it that the majority of the people sitting in Manchester's Green Room theatre on friday night thought/have since used that word about Nigel Charnock's performance of his solo piece 'Frank'.

I think in my relatively short career as a dance audience that it had to be one of the best performances I have ever seen.

The man is incredible. Nearing fifty he performed a solo act for one hour thirty minutes with no interval. He would be flinging him self around, running, jumping, and then stop and resume his conversation to the audience with only a mere hint towards shortness of breath.

I found his movement interesting and exciting, especially his 'routine' to Billie Holiday which was both funny and beautiful, while his dialogue was sharp, witty, shocking, and he was fast and responsive to his surroundings (there is an element of improvisation within this piece).

As I watched entranced I thought this is what it looks like when a performed does exactly what they want and just does it, without trying to impress anybody. They believe in it and commit to it. There was no more than there needed to be, and no less than there should be. It was spot on.

What made it a completely brilliant experience was afterward he did a Q+A session - and he was really really nice.