Yesterday the library was closed for a third year careers session. I still had to come in to work for the last hour of this. While I was sitting there labeling envelopes, and such like, I was of course listening to the discussions.

That dreaded topic came up. Money. Dough. Cash, aka the bain of my, and many people's lives. When it comes to money and dance I ignore the topic. I am well aware of the financial perils of my career choice. I have seen my friends struggle, I have heard their frustration. But I choose to completely ignore and block out any related fears - that I will be always treading water, that I won't be able to afford to have children, that I'll never own property.

Why do I ignore it? Because it's irrelevant. I can't do anything about that. Because I always wanted my life to be interesting. Because a different career isn't something I would consider. And because I may be broke but at least i'll be doing something I love.

Of course, there are different ways to have a dance career - being part of a bigger company such, as Rambert, offers more security and a better salary. If you are freelance its much more unpredictable.

My advice to those entering training with the idea of becoming a professional dancer is get another skill, something that will help you out when work is slow. Next year I intend to do a massage course, with the idea that this will enable me to get a part time job when I leave NSCD, to take the edge of my financial worries.

Learn to be thrifty. Take pleasure in finding 'the best deal', (ten peaches for £1 at Leeds market is my favourite so far) It's going to help you. Believe me.