Whilst in the NSCD library I picked up a leaflet about the Nott09 festival and looked at everything I'd missed, most frustrating being Rachel Krische's 'The swimmer'. I've flicked through the brochure for Dance Umbrella and thought I should go and see something! This week my friend Dwayne brought a leaflet about the Siobhan Davies studio and all the exciting things that are happening there, most of which I can't make. And another friend just facebooked me to see if I wanted to go to a Forsythe improvisation workshop, which happens to fall in term time.

At the moment I constantly have the feeling that I am missing out on seeing and doing o much, due to time and money constraints, which is mighty frustrating. It didn't seem to bother me so much in first and second year, but I am beginning to feel like its time to get out in to the world to see and do much more. I have loved my time at NSCD but a desire to do other things, and work with new people, is beginning to creep in.

Which I think is actually natural, and the way it should be. I was coming to the end of my training and not wanting to get out into the dance world beyond NSCD I would have to question something.

So, while I am on one hand frustrated by everything I miss its also exciting, as it reminds me of what is in store, and the possibilities out there.