This year has seen the Riley Theater (NSCD 'in house' theater) open its doors to professional companies once again. The last year this happened was when I was on the foundation course in 2005/6, and I am very happy and excited to see it active once again. Its a beautiful theatre and its great for NSCD to see live works on their door step.

Unfortunately I had to go back home so missed the first performance of the season, which was ACE dance and music premiering their work 'Switch', but I heard good stuff about it. Last night I watched Tilted Productions' 'TrAPPED'. And it made me very happy.

During our most recent choreography class the topic of transitions came up, and the importance of how and when transitions occur. Clive, our music/choreography tutor said that there should be that moment when things start to change and the audience don't quite know what to expect. Then the new image/phrase develops. For me TrAPPED was a perfect example of this. Dancers entered and left the stage seamlessly and group formations dispersed when they needed too, yet also unexpectedly.

Another impress feature of the piece was the use of props. For example, there was an disturbing use of a banana as a metaphor for sexual harassment. It takes a lot of skil from both choreographer and performers to turn such an absurd item, with many comical readings attached to it, and turn it into an object that sends a shiver down your spine. It is very hard to use props effectively, and even hard to move them on and off stage without causing distraction. But Tilted managed it. Each prop became an extension of the movement, they became part of the dance.

The closing section was the weaker part of the show, and it ended as you would expect. But overall there was some beautiful dancing, including more than one powerful duet, with complex but glitch free contact work, interesting movement and strong performances.

Funnily enough, in first year we had some workshops with two of the company members who performed last night. And in a way I'd like to do the workshop again..with the knowledge of what exercises they gave us eventually produces. But I will definitely be looking forward to seeing Tilted again.