Traveling alone on a long hall flight recently I got lucky and ended up with a plane buddy. In our chat he asked me what dancers are like. I thought for a second and answered weird. He looked a bit surprised. So I tried to elaborate.

Thanks to my twin sister and my good non contemporary dancer friends (the majority of my new friends are dancers..thats what starts to happen) I am able to be quite objective about my dance world and the other world. (After a recent performance I had invited them to they greeted me afterwards with 'what was that self indulgent shi...).

So what I tried to explain to mr plane buddy (who happened to be a biochemist) was to the outside world dancers seem weird. We say things like 'connect to the space', 'I have real problems closing my ribs' or 'give yourself to the floor'. It sounds like arty farty hippy nonsense that leaves normo's (my term of endearment for the general public) saying 'ya what?'.

But to be honest I'm a hippy at heart. My point being that all this stuff only appears a little loopy loo to normo's because they're not doing it everyday. It actually makes perfect sense if you were to train your body in the way dancers do. We just work in a different way.

What's your point I hear you ask? I'm not quite sure is the honest answer.

But basically all week second year dancers have been taught repertoire by Hoffesh's dancers. (Yes. They're THAT lucky!) and as I passed the crowds of students gawping at an open studio door I heard one of the teachers say to the dancers 'Let yourself go. Go on a journey'.

And I chuckled quietly to myself. Because it was such a stereotypical contemporary dancer thing to say. But also because it makes perfect sense.

So maybe my point is don't be scared of the weird stuff. You need it.

Or maybe its make sure you have some normo friends. They help you keep it real.