On wednesday 15th of July negotiationofspace took part in a magical evening of performance at The Rose Garden, at the Bradford Playhouse.

The Rose Garden was a quite fantastic installation, that ran from the 9th-17th of july, transforming a black room in to a winding maze of wicker, trees and roses which provided hidden performance spaces.

The evening of was curated by Isabelle Cressy, and included performances/choreograohy by Kip Johnson, Mary Eddowes, Lindy Nsingo, Martha Grover and negotiationofspace. Everyone dancing/choreographing, apart from my sister, was current or past NSCD students. It was good to see everyone's work in a non NSCD environment.

The evening took the form of a guided tour, (directed by Kip Johnson, based on the idea of a national trust tour gone wrong) and it was Dwayne Simm's excellent, excellent, skills as a slightly odd tour guide that pulled the whole evening together. he led the audience around the maze, with facts such as 'the rose needs 5 hours of direct sunlight a day', or asking them to feel how sharp the rose thorns were, whilst leading them to come across 'happenings', such as Martha, suspended in a harness between a cobweb of tights.

Me and my sister freaked people out with our twinness and childhood dresses. Over all the whole evening went down very well. My particular favourite tour was when some very normo normos came round, beer cans in hand. They started of loud and questioning, and left quietened with the words 'thanks, that was....... I don't know what that was.'

I'll tell you what it was. Blooming marvelous.