For my 'ideas in arts' presentation I decided to look at the representation of masculinity withing DV8 and I have just been doing some research. I was reading on article and something really stood out to me, and I wanted to share it.

In an article in the october/november 1999 issue of 'Dance Europe', Lloyd Newson was talking about the fact a survey in America showed that dance is considered the 'worst' art form by many people. He went on to say;

'And there's a movement amongst art councils, trying to educate audiences into dance. I say no, its the other way, you have to educate dancers into the real world.'

I couldn't agree more.

I think its very easy as a dancer to become a little bit isolated from this 'real world', especially within training. A very full schedule can mean you end up spending a lot of time with dancers, talking about dancing, from a dance perspective and starting to believe that dance has an important place in the world.

Which of course it does, but there are thousands of other important things in existance. And 'dancers' are not the only type of people.

Wait a minute. I need to get my thoughts together. As I write this I am not sure what I am trying to say in relation to this quote. I just stood out to me and I felt it was important.

Ok. so I think I got it. There are two things I wanted to say.

1. Its not ok to forget about your brain because you can use your body. Dancers should be aware of everything around them/make connections/think (I feel like I have said this too often on this blog. But its something I feel strongly about).

2. If we want to influence people, not just dancers, with our dance then knowledge of the 'real world' is vital. Other wise how can we speak to them?