Last night was an evening of 'Dance Made In Yorkshire' at the Riley Theatre at NSCD. It featured a solo from Riccardo Meneghini and a work choreographed on the Mad Dog's Dance Theatre by Douglas Thorpe.

Riccardo's solo, 'Spun' 'examines how the memories of a life can shift themselves around, and how moving on can sometimes mean skipping forward to the begining...' and featured pink paper hearts.

On the other hand Douglas' piece 'Beast' was 'an intense look at the dark side of human nature and what triggers us...and makes us, at times, worse than animals.'

There was a post performance talk with the choreographers and dancers. I always try to stick around for these things, because despite the fact they are normally stupidly frustrating (why don't choreographers just answer the questions?) you can generally gain at least one valuable/memorable thing.

This discussion was no different. The magic moment came when a normo at the back piped up.

What he said was something like this;

'I haven't been to a dance performance before. This is my first one. What I saw was a solo about a loved up white guy and he was all happy. We had a ten minute break and when I came back it was it was all violent and sinister and dark. I found it quite disturbing'.

His clarity was refreshing.

A member of the audience asked 'so will you go to another dance piece after this?'

Yes I will replied the man.

I was glad I sat through the non answers for that moment.