New year blog. Hello and welcome back!

I know its pretty cliché but I thought I should start with a look back and a look forward.

After graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in July 2010 I moved to London and since then have been trying the constant juggle between working (in the library at London Studio Centre)/having enough money to survive London and dancing, an experience that is virtually common place for all newly graduated dancers.

Whilst the back end of 2010 left me feeling slightly frustrated at the lack of creative possibilities (many ideas, but no way to realise them) and general lack of dancing in my life, I don't regret my move to London in the slightest. I have experienced some amazing teachers, been introduced to the wondrous GAGA technique, worked with some great artists, met some great people and seen numerous inspiring exhibitions.

After a Christmas at home, and a trip to Sweden, I am now back in London and looking forward to 2011.

It is the year of negotiationofspace, the collaborative project I have with my twin sister Amy. She studies photography at Parson's New School in New York and together, through negotiationofspace, our aim is to combine our skills and use our relationship as twins to produce work.

It is a concept we have been working on/with since summer 2009, not easy when we are in school/have no money/live on two different continents, but we have reached the point where we know the only way forward is to concentrate our energies on creating a body of work. So for negotiationofspace the goals of 2011 are pretty straight forward - make work, find (performance/exhibition/development) opportunities and get money.

Saturday night saw the first performance of 'MANSION', at the Riley Theatre Leeds, which is a project I have been working on, choreographed by fellow NSCD graduate Jordan Massarella. I am dancing along side Hayley Barker and Liz O'Connor. Saturday was an extract of a longer performance that will happen at East Street Arts (also in Leeds) in April. And hopefully there will be many more performances to come.

In 2011 I will also be working with Peter Lovatt, also know as Dr Dance. Myself and another ex Northerner Dwayne Antony Simms danced in Peter's show at Edinburgh Fronge Festival in 2010 and he invited us to contribute to his new work 'INSPIRED Psychology:Danced', which will be performed in May. The prospect of producing a whole new piece is pretty exciting, and I am very much looking forward to dancing with Dwayne. We have a great rapport which is always a nice environment for creating.

I mentioned earlier I had been to Sweden, and this was to start planning a future collaborative project between myself, Swedish dancer Nathalie Wahlberg (we met when she danced in Verve, NSCD's fourth year company), my sister in NYC and San Francisco based musician Jeff Ortega. The aim is to create a cross continent dialogue, but we are very much in the early stages of this project so watch this space.

On top of this I am excited for what 2011 holds in terms of classes (more GAGA) and performance (my Forsythe Company tickets are booked) as well as my decision to move to San Francisco in September and dance there for six months (if anyone has any tips/people to look up send their names my way!).

All in all it looks like in 2011 I am going to have my work cut out, for many reasons, but I wouldn't want it any other way.