The first week is over - and I feel like a month has gone by already. I think this is due to the fact of getting used to the long days. I always have this feeling after holidays, because so much happens, emotionally, physically and mentally, within one day, a day tends to feel like a week.

By wednesday everyone was suffering from usual problem - muscles screaming what the [email protected]* what are you doing to me?! after a month or so holiday. But it was made easier by the fact I love my new teacher.

Tiia is responsible for our second year Cunningham experience. And I think its going to be a good experience.

She has so much energy and enthusiasm. And when she demonstrates everyone's draw drops in awe. In the little warm up gig we did at the start of each class I loved to watch her face. As she wore a genuine smile of enjoyment for what she was doing.

We also have a great new ballet teacher, Kimberley, who according to rumors (school is like a rumor factory so I try to close my ears) is my age, which is highly depressing, but also highly impressive because she's a dam fine teacher.

On friday we had movement studies and spent over an hour improvising. This was good. The mention of assessments and weighting of marks and deadlines and other scary things did make me gulp slightly.

But its ok. Its still great to be back.