In a previous blog I introduced you to Hollie Miller and Rebecca Walker's performance company, The Arch of Starch, and an extract of their work 'Spork', and I thought I would give you a glimse of the current project, Croctopus.

Croctopus Teaser from The Arch of Starch on Vimeo.

I definitely think The Arch of Starch is a company to keep your eyes open for. Not only is their work original, entertaining and challenging, but also forces us to look at how we label and view work. Through various conversations with both Rebecca and Hollie I know they set out to make adult work, yet are finding people placing them in the box of 'children's theatre', due to their use of costume, theatricals and the absurd, despite the complex themes that drive their work.

According to The Arch of Starch website:

Our work is a response to the social issues going on around us. We embody different physical characters through highly expressive movement and rhythmic text. We design and build costume inventions, to find innovative ways of moving, whilst being fundamentally joined together. This is a crucial aspect of our investigation into social themes, with the aim to find alternative ways of bringing people together. The Arch of Starch constructs a surreal world, in which vivacious characters use the absurd to comment on our social desire

Personally I feel that The Arch of Starch is not, and should not be limited to one genre. And I am interested to see how they negotiate this challenge. I am sure it will be with skill and creativity.

I would also like to point out that the music for Croctopus was made by another talented UK artist, Tom Lumely, definitely one to watch in the world of experimental music. Tom performed in a installation/performance that Hollie and I collaborated on in our third year of NSCD, and we definitely couldn't have managed without him.