I am currently reading David Hockney's autobiography 'That's The Way I See It, and although what Hockney talks about is in relation to painting or photography I have been surprised how much his biography talks to me about dance/movement/choreography. He talks a lot about space and 'the edges'. He is referring to the edges of the page, or the edges of a photograph, but I also see it as the edges of the stage, or more importantly, the edges of the body:

'The edge has to do with movement and time and most essentially with the representation of space'.

'The moment you acknowledge the surface, you also acknowledge the edge'.

'...in a photograph the time is of course the same on every section of the surface. In a painting [dance] this cannot be the case because a hand moving across it means time is involved and a line drawn: it has a beginning middle and an end and somehow this helps to make a space'.

I am not sure if the book is still in print, I found it in a second hand bookstore in San Francisco, but I would highly recommend it. Also, for students at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and other North based folks, you can see some of Hockney's paintings for FREE in an old salt mill, in a village called Saltaire, a world heritage site, which is a short train ride outside of Leeds. Click here for a link to the Salt Mill website.