Tanz in August (dance in august) is (roughly) a month long international dance festival here in Berlin. Last night Akram Khan's work Bahok opened the festival. I didn't go to the performance, but I did go to the party after.

It was a very simple but effective concept - a big black room (the performance space, at the main venue of the Tanz in August, 'Hau2'), a good dj and lots of dancers/people unafraid to move.

When it first started it was like watching some kind of improvised performance. Everyone was dancing all crazy and it was great to sit and watch for a bit. Everyone moving in their unique way.

But soon the music got the better of me and I had to participate. It was long and sweaty and good.

In Leeds I don't go out to clubs so much, for many reasons - school, working, no money, a dislike of english nightlife etc etc but I need find a place to go, to do it more. I haven't danced like I danced last night for a long time.

And its important. Its good for your health and your mentality. And good for your dance.

With all the technique we focus on at school sometimes our instinctive dance gets pushed to one side. As Madonna said; 'I know a place where you can get away. Its called the dance floor and thats what its for.'

Actually, just listen to Vogue.