I originally started writing this blog to give readers an insight into what its like to be studying at a dance school. And I think today was one of those days that defines being a dance student.

This time of year its back to the seven day week. I have an assessment on monday. Then another a week or so after that. Then another.

Last night I went to bed tired and this morning I woke up tired. And today was the three physical classes in a row day. How was I going to do it? Towards the end of ballet it dawned on me this was only the first class. It had gone on for an eternity (not in a bad way. It was actually quite a good class for me..but long). And during the second class, which was release, I seriously wondered how I was physically going to make it through the next class. I felt like if I closed my eyes I would fall alseep standing. And I was worried that in contemporary class my muscles would actually give up, say 'enough!', and I would fall to the floor in a crumpled heap.

I'm going to blog how god dam hard this degree is I thought. That I love it, but its hard.

In the break I put some feisty music on my i-pod, tried to boost my self up and avoid any thoughts that involved the word 'I'm' and 'tired'. I don't know if it was that or Tiia's energetic warm up, but at one point in the class I realised I didn't feel drained anymore.. I was still tired yes..but I felt I had some strength again.

And thats what a dance degree is. Its hard to put in words and I'm not doing a great job. But the simile I have used before is that its like a roller coaster. Within one day you can be up down, down up, just up, just down. up at the last moment, or down for a week.

Your body can constantly surprise you. And I think its really cool.